The Heiress

When I first started Sage Marie’s Coffee & Tea, people told me I was
crazy to start this business, “What in the world do you know about
coffee and tea?” Someone told me. ⁣

As an entrepreneur, I can tell you I’ve sacrificed a lot of personal joys
to reach this point but I have the power to create the type of business
I wish to create. I didn’t always get it right like the first time I roasted
my first batch of beans in a cast-iron pan or when I tried to use a
popcorn popper and set three of them on fire from overworking
them (true story!).

⁣ ⁣

Most days are super overwhelming, but I always go back to that
memory when I was visiting Jamaica. I had purchased some beans for
my mom who lives in Massachusetts where we had limited options for
purchasing quality coffee. Once she received them she, called to say
thank you and said to me, “Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just travel
the world and buy coffee beans roast them ourselves and just make
coffee all day?”

And so I did, I went grassroots and learned everything there is to
know about coffee and tea through videos and working with a good
friend of mine Eden Arefaine a trained barrister who taught me all the
tricks of the trade. Then I linked up with my good friend from grade
school, marketing genius and business partner Liza Goncalves-
Richardson and for almost 6 years now, my team and I have been
building towards this through persistence, never taking no for an
answer and strong company values. Through dedication, there is
nothing you won’t be able to achieve.