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Chamomile Lemon Tea

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Chamomile Tea is for relaxation, sleep and digestion. Our blend of Chamomile Lemon tea is the perfect soothing brew for those that are looking to calm the mind and body.

Brewing Chamomile Tea is a delicate process; you don’t want to over-steep the flowers because it can cause their underlying bitterness to overtake the tea. It is best under-steeped.

Overall, our Chamomile Lemon Tea is perfect if you want something light, floral, and soothing. This tisane will have you calm, cool, and collected in no time.

AROMA: Fresh, Citrusy & Lemony

FLAVOR: Floral, Lemon

BODY: Well-Balanced


Lemon balm, orange peel, and german chamomile. 


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